Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Countdown to Christmas party: The menu

Three different grocery lists - Costco, Trader Joe's and local market - have been completed. Cooking begins in earnest tomorrow for our neighborhood open house Friday night.  Here's the line-up:
Cheddar wheel with strawberry jam (shown above) and crackers
Warm Mexican crab dip with Fritos
Pulled pork sliders with BBQ sauce and mustard cream sauce
Cranberry/chili cocktail meatballs
Veggie tray with red pepper dip
Braunschweiger pate' with sweet pickles
Cheese board, black olive jam and crostini
Assorted spiced nuts
Red and green grapes
Lemon bars - Costco mix
Mini-brownies - Costco
Ginger snaps - Trader Joe's
Winter margaritas (with grapefruit)
Hot spiked cider


KJ said...

Sounds divine! Have a great time, Cathy!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thanks, K. It's nice to have the diversion (as if Christmas shopping isn't enough.) Mwah!

Cath Pete said...

Yum. . . wish I was your neighbor!

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