Sunday, December 9, 2012

If I never eat another gourmet meal again, it will be too soon.

It was a fabulous time. Don't get me wrong. Two all-expenses-paid nights in Des Moines as guests of one of the city's top chefs is a sweet way to travel. We did Italian at Centro (seen in post below), French at Django and Zombie, as in Zombie Burgers + Drink Lab in the East Village area. There wasn't a bad bite all weekend. In fact, it was fan-foodie-tastic! But, it's time to come back to earth (and start the 2-day Dr. Oz cleanse asap.) Because you can't eat food like this all the time and expect to live past your 60th birthday. Seriously. Some highlights:
Our cheese flight at Django
My Sidecar - pre-cheese flight
The view from our table at Django - dark, clubby and sexy
Zombie Burgers + Drink Lab - Packed at 2 p.m. and dozens of people waiting to get in.
The cocktail list - you get the idea.
No. 13. Fulci: Proscuitto, brie, carmelized + raw onion, truffle the patty. And, yes, I ate the bun, wheat be damned. Best bun of my life, honest to God. My stomach paid for it later, but it was still worth it.
My husband decided to let the bartender order for him. "Whatever you think, man," he said. To which I replied, "But, keep in mind, he's got his annual physical next week. Lab work, you know." Next thing we know, a double Zombie Burger arrived. (Did I mention the burgers are fried not grilled?) I dread seeing the old man's cholesterol numbers.

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