Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Watch on. Watch out.

I wanted a watch for Christmas. Not just any watch. It had to be big, as in man-sized, because big watch faces are easier to read, they look cool, and the scale is suited for a statuesque broad like myself.  It had to be indestructible, because sometimes my limbs flail around and hit things when I'm not paying attention. And, it had to be waterproof, because, sure as the sun sets in the west, I will forget I'm wearing a watch and stick my left arm in a sink full of water before the warranty runs out. So, this is what I received: A diver's watch by Mallard, purchased by my husband (after I picked it out) from our friends at the jewelry store underneath my office.
 It's everything I wanted AND it has military time so I won't be so confused on our next sea cruise (or, when I join the Army, which is probably as likely as another cruise.)  I haven't worn a watch in years, instead using my phone as my timepiece. A watch is better. It's always right there on my wrist, not buried in the black hole of my purse. Of course, I've been looking at it constantly since I put it on this morning. Combined with post-Christmas fatigue, this has been one of the longest work days on record. Is it five o'clock yet?

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