Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Love, American Style

This funny photo makes me wonder how many of you love - or care deeply about - a person of the opposite political persuasion. And, if you do, what measures do you take, if any, to keep the peace in your relationship during these final days of the election cycle.... or all year long, for that matter. Do you employ specific rules of engagement? Moratoriums? Most importantly, can a Romney fan and an Obama devotee suspend their political animosity long enough for a romantic romp in the hay? I'm fascinated by these "mixed" couples. Anyone want to share??

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not forgetting Sandy

'Lest you think I am ignoring what's going on back East due to my last seemingly random post (which I had pre-scheduled a few days ago), I am keeping tabs on the situation in my obsessive-compulsive-Weather-Channel-addict way. Fortunately, my friends in NY are safe and with power, communicating via email or Facebook.  Millions of others are not so lucky.  Thoughts and prayers for everyone on the East Coast for progress on the long journey back to normal. The bright side for me - and so many others - has been this woman, the interpreter with something extra:

Garnier BB: No spot remover, but worth the cost

I recently got a hot beauty tip regarding a product that everyone in the world seems to have heard of, except me. It's called BB cream, a "hybrid" face cream that combines a sunscreen, moisturizer, complexion brightener and skin tone improver in one inexpensive tube. (At least, the recommended Garnier brand is cheap -- about $11.) I gave it a shot because a) despite my claims to the contrary, I am looking for a miracle product that will make my sun spots magically disappear; b) any day I can save money and conserve space in my make-up drawer is a good day; and c) the woman who recommended it to me can afford any face product on the planet, even those $300/ounce brands, and I'm fairly sure she's tried them all.
Left side of face always has more sun damage. Why? Driver's side windows.
So I've been trying it for a couple weeks and here's my analysis: As drugstore products go, this one's pretty good. I put it on over my normal moisturizer for a little extra dewiness, and the 'face feel' is very nice. The coverage is somewhere between regular foundation and tinted moisturizer. It glides on, absorbs quickly into the skin, and blends nicely. Yeah, yeah. You can still see my spots (and don't even mention that frightening decollete), but, short of wall spackle, this might be the best I can do without cracking.

Monday, October 22, 2012

For sale: Beaten biscuit brake

Apparently, I have something very rare. No, it's not a disease; it's an antique beaten biscuit brake (machine?) which I volunteered to take from my mother's basement a few years back, thinking I might turn it into something else. I didn't. Now,  I'm thinking of selling it, but there are precious few similar machines on the Interweb, so it's tough to get a handle on what I've got. Are there any BoomerGirl readers who might know what a Lincoln beaten biscuit brake is worth? I don't want to wait for Antiques Roadshow to roll through town. My garage is getting crowded. Thanks.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The reveal: My 'all about me' room

Before: Zig-zag border stripped, cheap mini-blinds, huge mystery stain on carpet
We called it the Zack Morris Room, after the lead character from "Saved by the Bell," one of my son's favorite shows in the late 80s. It served its occupant well through the years, especially the door....
which, in its heyday, sported dozens of sports, music and travel bumper stickers.....stickers that weren't eager to be removed. (What kind of freaking Moon Rover-grade epoxy did they use on those things?)
There were even leftover features from the original 1951 home, like this mirror behind the door, that we had just ignored.
Futon doubles as guest bed; new rug covers mystery stain
Flash forward ten years after son's departure and - voila! - it's a new "just for me" office/playroom! The turquoise, black and white scheme has been replaced by robin egg blue with butter accents with the browns, grays and black I was stuck with.
We painted the walls and dormer ceiling the same color, which I wasn't sure about, but now adore.
And there's that cork bulletin board that is FINALLY done.
That was a helluva lotta corks, my friends.
Butter micro-suede window seat cushion, new 2" blinds, son's groovy track lights
      And, what could be more perfect than an office with not one, but TWO cozy places to take a nap? (Yeah, yeah. The treadmill is in the room, too. You just can't see it.)
      Oh, what a relief it is to be done, done, done! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Purging my fashion don'ts

I think one of the reasons we dread cleaning out our drawers and closet is that it forces us to face our failures. And, by that, I mean fashion failures. The piles of clothes on my bed, destined for Goodwill, represent many 'what was I thinking?' moments. The boat neck shirts I kept buying and buying, even though I could never figure out how to hide my bra straps under them... the cropped sweaters I thought would look cool over long-tailed camis and t-shirts....the "nice" shirts I bought for work that made me look like a box....sweaters with gold buttons (what?!!?)....the list goes on and on. The upside is, in one of my drawers, I found this photograph of me - circa 1985-ish - that made my fashion faux pas pale in comparison to my hair disasters. Check out the shoulders on that dress, though. I could tackle that woman with the sleek ponytail and bring her down!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dog gone.

Our less-than-24-hours-old new sofa. Pretty, isn't it?
After a 7-week wait, my new couch was delivered yesterday at 2:30 p.m. It's a classic Restoration Hardware model with goose down cushions covered in mocha colored linen. It's the most expensive piece of furniture we've ever purchased (which speaks more to my good luck at estate sales than anything else.)  I covered it with a blanket to prevent Dog #2 from shedding all over it, as she is wont to do. Little did I know that in the ten minutes it took me to do a bit of laundry this morning, Dog #2 would chew the zipper open and rip the inner goose down cushion to shreds. This is the third item she's attempted to destroy since we acquired her in June - our new guest room bed, our master bedroom mattress and, now, this. So, off she goes tomorrow to her former owner who promised she'd take her back if things didn't work out. Our hearts are breaking and I feel like a schmuck, but I can't trust her to be out of my sight anymore. Argh.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

37 years later...

Omega KKG Class of '75 reunion, 2012
I've spent the last six years preaching the 'going gray' gospel, and I remain faithful, steadfast and true. I am - 98% of the time, at least - happy with the snow on my rooftop and the decision I made to quit dyeing when I hit 50. But, I must admit, when I saw this shot of myself, surrounded by my sorority sisters at last weekend's extremely fun and exhausting reunion, I said to myself, "Who the hell is that old lady in the back?!" Sigh. At what age, if ever, do we achieve total, 100% comfort with our looks? God, it was fun, though.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Haircut remorse....again

"Let's just go for it," I said to my stylist. "Leave me a lot on top but go short. I'm ready." Then, I showed her yet another (much younger) celebrity haircut.
That was two hours ago. Now, I look like this....
I'm sure I'll like it better in a week or so. I always do. Usually. Right now, I look a helluva lot like my brother (not that there's anything wrong with that.) When will I ever learn?

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