Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not being Anne Hathaway

Oh, Anne. Just look at that expression on your face. You know nobody else on the planet can look like you, no matter how talented their hair stylist. Oh, but I tried. I loaded five photos of you on my iPad and took them to the salon this morning. My stylist - the best I've ever had - did exactly what I told her, giving me my shortest cut since the infamous Twiggy 'do of 1968. What I failed to request was your impossibly big doe eyes, your Audrey-like neck and, oh yeah, a birth year of 1982. (Jeez, Anne, you're younger than my son!) But, I"m not bitter. Especially if I can wash and dry that baby in under 3 minutes tomorrow morning.  Thanks for the inspiration, Anne. And I swear I'll get to "Les Miz" before Oscar night. Mwah.

1 comment:

GolferGirl said...

I don't know Cathy, I think you look pretty good!

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