Thursday, January 3, 2013

SkinMedica: Bringing out the big guns

I couldn't help noticing that my little sister's skin looked fabulous at Christmas, a lot more fabulous than mine even though she is, for the record, six years younger. "What are you using?" I asked. "Retin A. Generic," she replied, as if to say, "Like, duh!" OK, so I might be a decade or two behind the curve, but not anymore. Instead of straight Retin-A, my dermo recommended this less irritating product which, conveniently, he sells in his office (no prescription needed) at $57 a pop.  BUT, that's for a 3-month supply, which isn't bad...or, does the price threshold go down the older we get? (Hmm.) So, I'll give it a pump, once a night for three months and see what happens. I guess this means a 'before' shot is in order.

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