Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Nielsens called!

Finally! Bud and Peggy Nielsen (that's what I like to call them) invited me to be part of their American TV viewing family. My TV viewing diaries - all four of them - came in the mail and today is the day my TV addiction starts to count for something! (For the record, my spouse wants nothing to do with this experiment.) Oh, I can't wait to record every minute of boob tube viewing: From 40 minutes of GMA in the morning (muted and close-captioned so I can listen to my iPod while limp-jogging on the treadmill) to my wildly eclectic Sunday night routine - Modern Family recorded from Wednesday, Downtown Abbey and Shameless, not necessarily in that order. Throw in "The Chew" at noon, "House Hunters International" whenever I can get it, and assorted college basketball games and the Nielsens are going to put me solidly in the "Multiple Personality - Female over 50" category.

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