Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not tonight, Valentine. I have a lesion.

     Something tells me that Scabby McDougal here isn't getting any V-Day kisses tonight, thanks to another go 'round at the dermatologist on Monday. The good news is, I only had three or four AKs this check-up. Nothing like last winter.  I just had the doc freeze them off. Quick, easy and only a little painful. Oh, I know there are other places to be kissed, but after gazing at me across our candlelight dinner at home, the hubs might not have the stomach for it. (Nothing says I have to light the candles this year, I guess.) The worse part is, the scabs tend to split open when I smile, so I look like the Valentine Grinch.
     Sunscreen. Use it every day, everybody. I can't emphasize that enough. And, for God's sake, stay out of tanning beds (not that I did a lot of that, thank goodness.)

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