Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Palapas and pesos

I don't mean to overdo the pre-vacay hoopla, but I believe anticipating a trip can be almost as fun as taking it. And, with "THE BIGGEST WINTER STORM IN TWO YEARS" getting ready to hit tonight, I'm looking for all the virtual warmth I can get. So, while I should be out buying batteries and other provisions, the preparation and pining for warmer Mexican climes continue. The big palapa pictured above is where I've decided to take yoga classes while in Sayulita, when I'm not hanging ten, of course. MexiFit's motto: Earn your margarita. (Note they say 'margarita', singular. I wonder how many classes I'll have to take to earn the whole pitcher.)
And, to help me figure out how much my pitcher of margaritas will cost, I found this handy-dandy little app for FREE on my iPhone. It's called xe Currency for "x-ceedingly elegant" and it saves you from doing all that nasty math in your margarita-soaked head.

1 comment:

janet said...

glad to join in with you on the pre-vaca hoopla! it's like a mini-virtual vacation.

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