Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sh*t my deaf husband says: Oscar night edition

Me (reacting to all the random, ridiculous comments the hubs is making about the Academy Awards): I should be writing this stuff down.
Hubs: You don't want to get sucked down?

5 minutes later, after one bathroom break and the three minutes it took to find my laptop....

Me: So, what did you say? You didn't want the show to suck me down or my stuff down?
Hubs: Maybe you should call it "Sh*t I Can't Remember Right After My Deaf Husband Says It."


site said...

Not everybody love the oscar edition


It's on in the background. And here I'm saying all the sh*t because my hubby is really hard of hearing, so I have to explain and repeat.

Jane said...

Nice that he wants the title to be accurate. Funny that he remembers what he said and what you thought he said.