Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1st Annual Sayulita Margarita Contest

Argh! I had a great video from last night, but the Mexican Internet isn't having it.

So, the idea is, you buy a ticket for 18 dollars and get to sample the best efforts of ten local bartenders in a "bottomless" cup while eating delicious snacks and listening to live music with other appreciative locals on a rooftop.
Meanwhile, there are judges giving serious consideration to the margaritas, as there are bragging rights and a good deal of cash involved.

Not to mention a very fancy trophy. In the end, our new friends from the wine bar did not win (that's Luca's "Stargarita" made with star fruit juice in the middle)....

But a good time was had by all, I'm bringing home lots of new recipes, and I'm happy to report I'm no worse for the wear this morning....although a strong cup of java is certainly called for. Buenos dias!

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1 comment:

A Fan said...

O.k. it's 9:30 a.m. here and I want a margarita! LOL Your vaca looks fab! Thanks for sharing. Safe travels.

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