Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hatha or Vinyasa? That is the question.

I returned from Mexico, gung-ho about yoga. Stretching your hamstrings in a palapa overlooking the Pacific Ocean will do that to you. So, I dug out my old yoga DVDs and signed up for membership in a local yoga studio, where I took my first 'vinyasa flow' class the other night. Wow! It was a whole lot different - and more strenuous - than what I did up in that palapa. Turns out, I was doing Hatha yoga in Mexico which is a whole 'nother animal than Vinyasa. Here's a good explanation of the latter.  The hubs says I prefer Hatha because I can show off better in class. (I was born limber and can do freakish things with my limbs...when properly warmed up.) In fact, my jury is still out while I explore both styles - not to mention Bikram, which I might try this weekend.  However, I'm convinced that yoga is the way to go if you want a multi-purpose workout for strength, flexibility and balance training. I'm just sad it's taken me so long to hop on the train. Ommmmm.


Amy Hagerup said...

Well, both of those are new words to me. LOL. But I do know about yoga. Sounds like you are really, really limber. Good for you! I do enjoy exercise but haven't gotten to that limber state that you are at.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Amy, I really was born that way...double-jointed, almost. On Civvies Day in high school, when we could wear pants instead of our uniform skirts, I would put both feet behind my head and my friends would roll me down the locker hall like a wagon wheel. (I tell this story a lot; kind of a 'claim to fame' thing.) Yoga may be the only form of exercise in which I excel, though I take no credit for it.

Carol Starr Schneider said...

Who knew you were double-jointed?! I can't wait for a demonstration next time I see you. By the way, you look truly limber in the accompanying photo. Nicely done, kins.