Thursday, March 7, 2013

The day we rented the golf cart

(You know you can click on the photos and see them full size, right?)
I took it slow walking back from yoga this morning and enjoyed the view.

I met a horse named Pancho and stopped to chat.

Returning home, I discovered the hubs had rented a golf cart for the day.
This is totally unnecessary in a town this size, but I was happy nonetheless.

However, he was reluctant to let me drive as traffic can get a little loco and my loco-ness on the road back home is legendary. I decided I wouldn't push it....yet. So, we went to breakfast and split some Mexican eggs with chorizo...

Then toured the ritzy neighborhoods and drove to Playa de Los Muertos by the cemetery (I'm obsessed with that place) where we lolled in peaceful seclusion.

Then it was onto a beachside bar where the hubs had two Pacificos and agreed to let me drive home...

Look how delighted I am. Turns out, these Mexicans have nada on this loco lady from Kansas. Siesta time!

1 comment:

Carol Starr Schneider said...

I think you need to buy that golf cart and schlep it home. You look totally adorbs!

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