Thursday, March 21, 2013

The refractory life of Harry Reems

I never saw "Deep Throat" with Harry Reems and Linda Lovelace. Not that I wasn't curious, considering the crazy hype surrounding the skin flick in 1972. But, at 16, I wasn't old enough to get in the theater (which was probably a blessing, in hindsight.) Two years later, however, I did participate, as a (clothed) extra, in the filming of "Linda Lovelace for President" on the University of Kansas campus. My then-roommate even had a line, one - to our great "premiere night" delight - was NOT left on the cutting room floor. Except for that line, I remember very little about the movie, but I'm pretty sure Harry wasn't in it. In fact, I haven't thought about Reems at all, until learning of his death this morning. The story in the NYTimes describes his rise and fall (sorry) in show business, his alcoholism and legal woes, and ultimate redemption in Utah, of all places.  What strikes me is Reems' age at death: 65. Lovelace died at 53 after a car accident. At 57, this just gives me pause today.

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