Thursday, April 25, 2013

My not-so-naughty nooner

Microdermabrasion: Results not mine.
I'm sneaking away at noon today. Not for a lunchtime tryst (although if tongues want to wag, so be it), but for another microdermabrasion from my soon-to-be esthetician daughter. She's closing in on the end of her training and I want to get as many discounted treatments as I can before graduation. (Tip: If your community college has an esthetics program, check out their clinic for half-price procedures that are every bit as effective as those high-priced salons.) A microdermabrasion feels a little like having your face sandblasted (thank God my daughter and I get along) and does wonders in removing lines and sun damage. At least, that's what she tells me. I've only had one, so far, and it typically takes four to see major results. I'll keep you posted.

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