Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sh*t my deaf husband says: Final Four Edition

After watching Wichita State lose (boo hoo!) to Louisville in the semi-final...

Me:  That Rick Pitino has had work done. I'm thinking Botox, collagen, a face lift...
Hubs: Oh, he's had more 'work done' than that.
Me: What do you mean?
Hubs: Didn't you hear about him and the waitress having sex in that restaurant?
Me: Is that when he went to college party afterward and had his picture taken with some drunk coeds?
Hubs: You're thinking of Larry Eustachy.  He was Iowa State's coach. Now, he's at Colorado State in Fort Collins.
Me: I guess I'm getting my scandals mixed up.
Hubs: You got your sandals mixed up?

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Cath Pete said...

I say Boo Hoo, too. . .Fred Van Vleet (Witchita freshman) is from my city. I was hoping for a win. . .sure was an exciting game. I'll root for MSU tomorrow to get back at Louisville!

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