Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yes, they do 'do windows'!

It's was a hard, messy week at work, so I was more than ready for four, bright and enthusiastic KU students to clean all of my first floor windows, inside and out....for free! It was part of the University's "Big Event" yesterday in which an estimated 3,000 kids volunteered to perform menial tasks for anyone in the community who turned in a work order. I almost didn't sign up. I can wash my own windows, after all. Let the kids work for someone who really needs the help. But the student coordinator told me it was not based on need. "It's our way of thanking you for putting up with us all year."  Then, I thought of all the things we'd lost to college hijinks in the past two decades - yard art, flags, 1,000 Christmas lights stolen from the trees...not to mention the kids that crashed into our redbud tree on Stop Day a few years back. "Giddyup!" I said. Man, oh, man, am I glad I did!  I can see clearly now! Thank you, Claire, Cathy, Chi and Beth!   The least we could do was buy your lunch.

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Nebraskim said...

We have Big Event at Nebraska and it is indeed an awesome way to engage students in some community improvement. The sorority of which I'm an alumna did a bunch of yard cleanup. In the past, they have stuffed race packets, pinned race bids and matched T-shirts for Girls on the Run. Last year, a fraternity had the dubious task of picking up poo from one of our local dog parks. Some jobs are better than others, obv.

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