Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jalapeno infused tequila

In my ongoing pursuit of skinny cocktails that offer as much flavor as the "real" things, I've discovered the joy of infusing tequila. The trick for instant gratification lovers like me: Small batches and big peppers.  First, get a good 100% agave tequila. I like Camarena because it's moderately priced and it goes on sale a lot, making it almost bottom shelf cheap.  Next, slice a jalapeno in half, remove seeds and ribs. (Wash your hands, the knife and cutting board immediately!) Place jalapeno in pint jar, fill with tequila and give it a good shake.  A few hours later, you've got tequila with a kick. Hint: Keep tasting as the hours go by to get it to the perfect level of hotness, then pitch the pepper.  (You can do this with a habanero in even less time.) I am currently mixing mine with diet tonic and lots of lime juice or Fresca.  Muy bueno!


Nebraskim said...

you can infuse vodka with cucumber (cut up the cucumber, put into vodka and refrigerate several days). Strain out the cuke (I then put them into gazpacho) and use the vodka straight with a lemon twist. Incredibly refreshing when it's hot in the summer. Add a little bit of elderflower liquer and that's also divine.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Excellent tip, Kim. Thanks. I'll bet gin would work, too.

GolferGirl said...

Hendricks, St-Germain, and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice! Very refreshing!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Good to see you again, GolferGirl! That sounds delightful.

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