Saturday, May 18, 2013

Buy bike basket. Insert cat.

My extravagant payday purchase of the month was this charming Nantucket bike basket for my bicycle.  (For local readers, you can find them at Cindy's Simple Life, a great new retro gift shop on E. 8th Street downtown.) It's all part of my retirement plan in which I pedal to my coffee shop of choice every morning, laptop in tow, then onto the market to pick up fresh veggies for dinner....after yoga class, of course. True, the basket isn't quite big enough for the computer, groceries and a yoga mat. (Who am I kidding? I'll probably drive all those places, anyway.) But, it sure is cute. Especially as a Kiki the kitty carrier.



LOVING it. Sounds like a plan. Kiki fits right in. My neighbor has a dog he wheels around on his bicyle.

Cath Pete said...

You need a little cairn terrier in there---especially in Kansas---there's no place like home.

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