Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cats. What's not to love?

I've never been a cat person. It's been dogs all the way for me for 57 years. The canines of my life, in chronological order: Candy the English Setter, Lulu the Beagle, Guinevere the Old English Sheepdog (my parents had just seen "Camelot"), Sam the Peekapoo, Luke the Golden Retriever, Bubba the Huskie mix, Spike the Some Kind of Terrier and, now, Lucy the Cocker Spaniel. So, when my son asked if we'd be willing to cat-sit his Kiki (named for my maternal grandmother) for ten days while he explored greener pastures in New York, I hesitated. A cat? 10 days?! Cats are aloof and sneaky, detached and unresponsive, I thought. I need to be loved! Well, I'm not ashamed to admit I was totally, tragically wrong. Cats are great. They engage with you...when they're in the mood (much like many humans) and the sneak attacks are really very entertaining.  I will not, however, sleep in the same room with her again since she seems to enjoy nocturnal games of footsie. But, yeah, cats are cool.
Lucy thinks so, too.

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Nebraskim said...

Have you see this? Sad Cat Diary? It's great. Enjoy.

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