Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Cheese and Beer" = Cheers!

I've been on a real cheese kick, of late. And, the hubs is a craft beer fan of the highest order.  So, when Andrews McMeel Publishing came out with "Cheese and Beer" by Janet Fletcher, I shamelessly begged for a review copy.  It takes a lot to get me excited about a new food book.  I have an extensive cookbook collection...
(which I recently pared down, by the way) including several on wine and food pairings. But, "Cheese and Beer" is the bible I've been waiting for. Want to know what pairs best with that hoppy IPA? Try a young goat cheese or an English-style Cheddar. Fancy a nibble with your Doppelbock? A buttery blue cheese or Gouda will make your taste buds dance.
   And, here's a little tip to save money on good cheese, which can be astonishingly pricey.  Either go to Trader Joe's (best cheese prices I've found) or search the gourmet cheese case at your grocery store for mark-downs. Mine calls them "manager's specials" and they're always 50% off the original price. The catch is they're usually close to their 'sell by' date, so check the label and eat your cheese without delay, preferably with a fine craft beer chaser. 

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