Saturday, May 25, 2013

School supply score

Yeah, yeah.  I know I don't have kids in school anymore. But, that didn't stop me from rushing like a bat out of hell (I may have run a red light) to Best Buy where all school and office supplies were marked down to .49 each! (It was a Facebook friend who tipped me off. Thank you, Facebook friend!) Six dollar packets of pens...huge rolls of duct tape in white and black...jumbo packs of Post-Its....colored pencils....sketch pads... glue... SHARPIES!!...file folders....tape dispenser heart palpitates just looking at it all.  The bounty you see in the picture cost me only $24.01! Seems our Best Buy is discontinuing their office/school supply department. (The staff wasn't sure if other BB stores were following suit.) Did I mention I had a massage today, too? This holiday weekend is off to stellar start. Have an equally great one, friends!

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