Sunday, June 16, 2013

I may have created a monster

I offered to make the old man breakfast for Father's Day, but he insisted on making smoothies for the two of us. At my urging, he's been on a health kick since New Year's - personal trainer, the whole bit - and has finally jumped on my low-carb, no wheat bandwagon. What irks me is: He's been more successful at it than I have, mainly because he works out three times as hard. Plus, he's a guy, and it's easier for them. It just is, dammit. (And, no, he hasn't given up beer - the only wheat he consumes.)
Lean, mean smoothie maker (who still insists on wearing his old, bigger clothes.)
I'm happy about his progress, but he's become somewhat fanatical. His current project: To reduce the carb count of the daily smoothie by half. This is the smoothie nutritional information he posted to the inside of the cabinet:
He spent a half hour yesterday figuring it all out and writing it down.  This morning, when I explained to him that you get to subtract the fiber grams from the carb grams for your "net carb" count, he almost wept with joy. Happy Father's Day, big guy.

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