Monday, June 24, 2013

Will Don Draper die in the end?

So much to process from last night, Mad Men fans! What a fabulously satisfying end to such a foreboding season. I'm left hopeful, especially about Don's breakthrough and future with his kids. There has been speculation galore that Don will fall to his death at the end of Season 7 next year.  Mad Men creator Matt Weiner says no. That would be too literal. I'm relieved to hear that because, unlike many, I still think Don deserves happiness - the kind you earn by owning your truth, as Oprah would say. But, wait! This is Mad Men. That doesn't mean Don won't meet some other disastrous fate.  Oh, well.  Just nine more months to wait.

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Carol Starr Schneider said...

I think he's on his way to some sort of redemption. But what that is, who knows? When he gets back from his leave... I think Peggy will be in charge, strutting the halls in her plaid pants suit, reeking of Channel No.5. I think this season has been pretty on the nose, as it is. But Don did jump to his death, figuratively, I guess, letting Dick Whitman come out.

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