Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Changing the world, one octogenarian at a time.

On Day Two of retirement, I went to Kansas City where I had lunch with six college friends, did some shopping and spent quality time with my mother.  We hung out in her kitchen, me tutoring her on her new iPhone. She had made some progress, having taken lots of photos on a recent trip to Maine, and her finger swiping technique was superb. But, she was hesitant to use Siri because the first time she attempted it, "Siri called me by name and it just threw me for a loop." "Mom, she's only there to help. Now, what do you need to remember tomorrow?" "Well, Nancy is going to pick me up for lunch at 12:30." I proceeded to show her how to ask Siri to put that on her calendar and create a reminder. That went so well, we looked up a new restaurant where we want to have dinner on Saturday night. The place wouldn't be open till four and I had to scoot. Mom said she'd make the reservation and call me tomorrow. "Just text me," I said, getting into my car.  "So, what do I need for that, your cell phone number?" "That's all you need," I said, as I pulled out of her driveway.  This morning, the message came through. I couldn't be more proud.


A Fan said...

Bravo for BG's Mom!! Staying current with technology is so important as we age. IMHO. Know friends and family in their 80's even 90's who are connected via web and not intimidated. My 80's parents -- well, thankfully we finally convinced them to get a cell phone for safety reasons. But a computer, email, etc. Stubborn for years. No way. And they complain why they don't hear from people anymore?? We've tried to explain that people communicate differently now, but to no avail.

Cathy Hamilton said...

It was interesting for me, too, because it made me realize how intuitive the iPhone really is. She's always struggled with her PC and its sundry software but she took to the iPhone like a duck to water. (Of course, the cute Kate Spade blue and white striped case didn't hurt!) I think if older folks would just try it and see how fun and totally genius it is, they'd be less intimidated.

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