Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 1: Post-Retirement

1. Take car in for repair.
2. Take dog for 30-minute morning walk.
3. Discover Kate Middleton is in labor. Scour internet for details.
4. Lap swim at city pool for 1 hour.
5. Fold laundry.
6. Straighten house.
7. Check email.
8. Confirm hotel reservations in Santa Fe for Sept.
9. Make deviled eggs.
10. Assorted puttering.
11. 30 minutes of yoga while watching Royal Baby hoopla (Congrats, Will and Kate!)
12. Pick up car after repair
13. Get car washed
14. Buy new sheets for guest room
15. Happy hour.  (Correction: Very happy hour.)

I'd better pace myself.  This could become exhausting.


CZ said...


Mel d'Rego said...

Nice, BoomerGirl, congrats on making it to retirement day. Hope you've stashed that gold watch away safely. And you seem to be putting your time to great use: Happy hour can be exhausting, & fun ( and not any more taxing than the hour in the water.)(Envy your swimming prowess.)
Mel d'Rego