Monday, July 29, 2013

Everybody out of the pool!!

It was raining (saints be praised!) this morning, so I motored to the indoor aquatic center across town for my morning swim.  I missed the fresh air and sunshine at the outdoor pool, but the indoor hours were more flexible, allowing me to start at 9 versus 10. Plus, there was the whole 'no sunscreen needed' thing, an added bonus. So, I'm swimming along - back and forth, lap after lap, about a half-hour in - when the lifeguard blows his whistle: "Clear the pool!" All the swimmers look up, then at each other, and I'm thinking, "Did one of these middle-aged folks poop in the water?" which shows you the way my mind works coming from the outdoor pool world. But, seriously, why else would you clear the pool at 9:40 in the morning? Turns out, the lifeguards finally said, there was lightning in the area. "Huh? But, we're indoors! That's why I came out here!" I said. "Metal roof," one of them replied. "Gotta get out." Further proof that you really do learn something new every day.

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