Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finally... no more muffin tops!

The Gap made me very happy this morning with the announcement of their new high-rise jeans. Not that I'll be walking around in the ensemble pictured above, but after years of 'low-low rise' giving us glimpses of things we couldn't un-see, we're making progress, people!


sf said...

Sooo agree. Why people want to wear a pair of pants that they have to pull up every 15 minutes is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

OMG! (a phrase I NEVER use), I may have to patronize Gap for the first time in decades!

As a tall Boomer gal with a LONG rise, I have been frustrated on the pants front (dress OR jeans) for so long I've been in tears. With most of what is in stores, I have Plumber's Butt while STANDING. "Long inseam" doesn't solve it for us, and I cannot afford Bespoke.

I came here from the "25 Gray blogs" link, but will be looking through anything about "products for Boomers" now. Thank you!

PS -- Tell the Millenial Marketers that we Boomers still have numbers X assets = DO NOT PISS OFF THE TARGET MARKET

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