Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kicks just keep getting harder to buy

Nice legs, don't you think?
Thanks to our mutual increase in physical activity, my husband and I blew through our athletic shoes at the exact same time. What did he do? He hopped down to the running shoe store yesterday, picked out the pair that fit best and bought them.  (They happened to be Nikes in this blue ink spot design.) Slam, bam, done and done. Me? I will obsess for a few more hours, then venture downtown for additional obsessing with my unfortunate shoe salesperson. My dilemma: Neon or non-neon. I have been bemoaning the neon craze in athletic wear for some time now.  I realize there's a certain safety advantage in having traffic-stopping DayGlo orange shoes, but it seems that neon shoes are a gateway drug leading to all-over neon-ness - shirts, shorts, socks, headbands. Every time I see someone covered in blinding brightness, I have a bad 80s flashback. (I thought fashion from that era is something we all agreed never again to revisit.) Still, the craze does tend to make standard-issue white kicks with grey trim "so ten minutes ago." I realize it's a first world problem but what to do....what to do... ?
A little hot pink at the waist is all the neon I can do.

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