Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday's fun day again!

This is an album I've never heard of, but the title seemed apropos. 
In my working life (you know, like last week) Sundays were always a mixed blessing. Mornings were peaceful and serene, afternoons filled with errands, and a home-cooked meal for family and/or friends in the evening. As soon as the dishes were done, a vague sense of dread would descend as I pondered everything I had to do in the coming week at work. I've never slept well on Sunday nights.  I wonder if it will be different now. All I have to do tomorrow is take the car in for service. On Tuesday, I'm lunching in Kansas City with college chums. Wednesday is wide open. There's a facial with my daughter on Thursday and a hair appointment on Friday. Yep, tonight I should sleep like that bare naked baby.

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