Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wasp attack no blow to this ego

There's my handsome hubs on the left, last Friday after a night on the town. That's him on the right, 18 hours after a wasp stung him on the tip of his nose. Poor guy. There have been comparisons to Karl Malden, a character in the Dick Tracy movie, and any poor sap that suffered a loss in a prize fight. This photo illustrates the biggest difference between the hubs and myself: Vanity. If my face was swollen like a giant party balloon, I would stay in my bedroom with the blinds shut until my mug returned to normal. Family would have to bring in meals and leave them by the door. And cameras would most certainly be banned. Not this guy. Last night, he couldn't wait to hit the neighborhood brewery to try the newest IPA. What could I say? He certainly deserved one.

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