Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Traveling for a different point of view

The Bell Tower Bar at La Fonda Santa Fe
The hubs and I have been longing to get back to Santa Fe since our last visit in 2008, and a travel writing assignment for a local magazine has provided the motivation we need to make it happen. This time, we're going in mid/late September when we hope to catch the Aspen leaves turning gold. On the last trip, The Bell Tower Bar on the rooftop of the La Fonda hotel became our favorite spot to imbibe and watch the sunset. Since then, we've always searched out cool, rooftop taverns on our travels, such as atop the Moonrise Hotel in St. Louis...
and, most recently, on the roof of Petit Hotel d'Hafa in Sayulita, Mexico, which wasn't technically a bar, but they did serve complimentary tequila and wine.
That's one of the great things about travel. You can't help but gain a new perspective. And, the cocktails don't hurt, either.

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