Saturday, July 6, 2013

Two weeks to lift-off!

With my son's girlfriend in from New York for the last 8 days plus 4th of July activities plus training my replacement at work, "burning the candle at both ends" doesn't begin to describe my frazzled status. The saving grace? Two weeks from today, I will be sipping my morning coffee as a newly retired woman. I don't think my leisure will last (I've had two tempting part-time job offers already) but I am so looking forward to my Summer of Lull.


Anonymous said...


How exciting...I just wanterd to pass on some advice...I retired (after owning the company) in mid-April. I do have a very low-hour part-time job (about 15 hours a month) but if I were you, I would hold off on any committments until you've had time for that "lull". So many friends over-committed in fear of being bored and had to back off. Knowing this, I took the opposite approach and am so glad I did. Life just slows down & there is so much to do that even without a job, my days are filled. And I haven't even begun to learn new skills or finish old projects. That will be my winter goals. Relax & enjoy it!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Hi, Anon. Thanks for the sage advice. I'm thinking the lull will last until after our vacation in late September. Until then, I've got a list "this long" of home projects to do and exercise classes to attend19 n.

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