Sunday, August 11, 2013

40 years? Seemed like 40 minutes.

That's my friend, Nancy, wearing her old school uniform, on the right. Yes, it still fits. Yes, we wanted to kill her.
It was a small reunion by anyone's standards, but the 40th reunion of the Loretto Class of '73 satisfied on all levels. There were opportunities to talk one-on-one with everyone for extended periods of time, allowing us to really catch up on each others' lives. In fact, I was listening and talking so much, I took precious few photos, except at the Modern Masterpieces of Mexico exhibition we took in yesterday afternoon at the Nelson-Atkins Musuem...
Self-portrait by Frida Kahlo
and lunch at the Sebastienne Cafe at the Kemper Museum of Modern Art...
Note to self: Must take more cultural outings. They're a jump charge for brain and soul.
After a lively dinner out last night, I am returning home today with a full heart and loads of gratitude for my small all-girls' high school that afforded me such wonderful women as lifelong friends.

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