Friday, August 30, 2013

Garden of the Gods and, ugh, rafting!!

I just booked the first two nights of our vacation at The Lodge at the Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs (thank gods for the media rate), one of my late father's favorite places on earth. He, my mom, his golfing buddies and their wives would spend a week there every summer and come back with gorgeous pictures of this uniquely scenic setting. I can't wait to finally see it! We will not golf, however, as I'll be saving my still-weak rotary cuff for a rafting trip down the Rio Grande gorge in Taos. I have had a lifelong fear of fast water - or going fast on still water - but, apparently, I said "Giddyup!" when the hubs asked if he should book a 4-hour trip. (This was post-happy hour the other night. I was, obviously, too happy.) Here is the video from Los Rios River Runners. It looks like a blast, right?

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