Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Itinerary: Land of Enchantment

     I've always thought that planning a trip was almost as fun as taking the journey itself.  That's still the case today as I map out our upcoming vacation to New Mexico (which, as an added perk, is a welcomed distraction from Miley Cyrus.) It will be our second visit to Santa Fe in five years, in which we'll return to some of our favorite places (i.e. The Museum of International Folk Art) and catch some of the attractions we missed last time (Ghost Ranch, Loretto Chapel, Ten Thousand Waves Waterfall Tub). Today, I'm working on the Taos itinerary (and am open to suggestions) and trying to decide whether a day trip to Albuquerque is really worth it since we've decided to opt out of the "Breaking Bad" bus tour.

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