Thursday, August 22, 2013

Monogrammed manifestation

The other day (yesterday, maybe the day before...I can't remember), I was discussing phones with someone (can't remember who) and that person(s) asked why I had a purple iPhone case. (Purple, you see, is the signature color of our cross-state college rivals.) "I don't know but, clearly, I need a new phone cover." Still, my purple cover was in perfect condition and, well, I'm not earning a steady paycheck I filed the thought away. Today, I got a Groupon email for and discovered I had a credit on Groupon for $45. Long story short, I got the cute extra durable case (in crimson and blue) above for just six bucks! (Yes, it's a tad prepster, but I've always thought my monogram had an elegant symmetry to it. I couldn't resist. You can skip the branding iron, if you prefer.)


jp said...

This is so cool! It's now on Pinterest!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thanks, JP. I'm kind of excited to get it, truth be told.