Tuesday, August 13, 2013

R and R: You can only take so much.

Week Four of Retirement. Rest and Relaxation is turning into Restlessness and Rudderlessness. (Look! I made up a word. I accomplished one thing today, at least.) I felt the ennui coming on yesterday when I looked at the calendar to see what lies ahead: A few parties, two weddings, and the trip to New Mexico which isn't until mid-September.  I need more stuff on the schedule, I thought. So, I contacted Kansas Audio Reader (where I started the volunteer application process years ago) and signed up to read books and magazines to blind and visually-impaired folks over the air waves. It's the perfect volunteer gig for my skill set and the facility is a pleasant bike ride away from my house, just off campus. I start tomorrow. Today, I will take on The Retirement Project List, starting with the daunting task of hooking my laptop up to the big TV so I can start my Netflix free trial, so I can binge-watch all of "Breaking Bad" before our visit to Albuquerque. Hey, a gal's gotta have goals!

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