Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brazilian, Broadmoor and Beers

I wish I had taken a picture of the blond bombshell from Brazil who taught AquaPilates at the spa pool today. (You didn't think I got a Brazilian, did you?) She whipped my soggy butt into shape and showed me a dozen new moves for my daily workouts at home. Then, it was off to The Broadmoor for a look at the "other" fancy resort in town.
The back (lakeside) of The Broadmoor. This is one of many beautiful buildings on the property.
The second floor lobby of The Broadmoor.
A swan swims in the lake next to the pool
It was lovely, but a little too formal and pricey (2 Bloody Marys for $25) for my taste. We opted not to dine there and, instead, through what I like to call another "happy Hamilton travel accident," we discovered delicious beers and brats at Bristol Brewing Co. about a 1-1/2 miles away.
Now, we've been to many a brewpub on our travels. But, this one was different because it was located in an old neighborhood school which has been converted to a delightfully unique galleria of shops, bars and restaurants with the brewery next door.
The hallway at The (new) Ivywild School.
The bar.
Note the cabinets pulls which look like paddles. (Owners must be Catholic.)
The deli.
Ladies restroom.
They were setting up for a private event in the old gym.
They even kept the old climbing rope. Charming!

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