Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Garden of the Gods: It's all about the view

A guest's first view from the lobby of The Lodge at the Garden of the Gods Club
They have you at 'hello' at Colorado Springs' Garden of the Gods Club, my late father's favorite place on earth. The views from every room on the property are so spectacular, you'd excuse them a few imperfections...if you could find them. There aren't any, at least, from where I'm sitting...
The 7 a.m. view from Room 211.
...which is on our private balcony with an ever-changing vista of Garden of the Gods Park and those famous kissing camels.
The room is ultra-spacious...
And I have my own vanity AND dressing table next to the full walk-in closet....
Then, there's that gorgeous infinity pool where I'll be taking an AquaFit class this morning.
Last night around 6 pm, mountain time.
Later today, we may attempt to drag ourselves from this place and head over to the park to see the gods close-up. Or not.