Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Itinerary complete with 6 days left to spare

With less than one week until departure, the fall vacay has finally taken shape: Colorado Springs for 2 nights, Taos NM for 3 nights and 4 nights in Santa Fe...which seems just about perfect since we've been to all three of these cities at least once and won't be starting from scratch, sightseeing-wise. The last question to answer was 'how to get home?' The trip from Santa Fe to Lawrence is a grueling 11 hours and there are two traditional route choices: 1) Drive the straight line - from Point A to Point B - diagonally through no man's land; or 2) Motor back to Colorado Springs then hightail to I-70 for a faster, albeit less scenic shot home. Neither route appealed to us and, while our butts could probably survive the 11-hour burn, we'd really rather have a stop-over in a place we've never been before.  Enter my husband and his brilliance: "Let's go to Oklahoma City on Route 66 and spend the night in Bricktown. Then, it's just a 4-hour drive home the next day."
What can I say? I married an Eagle Scout. (In truth, we're going to take I-40 and hop over to nearby Rte. 66 once in a while, but the romantic Americana idea is still there.)

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