Monday, September 16, 2013

Mars and Venus pack for a trip

Guess which side of the bed is mine. Keep in mind, I am not an Eagle Scout.
Venus (Sighs deeply): I hate packing. It stresses me out.
Mars: Quit sighing. We're driving, remember? You can take as much as you want.
Venus: I still want to pack light. How can you be done already?
Mars: I don't overthink. I just pack. 
Venus: But there are huge temperature variations to consider. Altitude changes. It could snow.
Mars: I'm prepared.
Venus: Okay, Mr. Eagle Scout. How many pairs of shoes are you taking?
Mars: Two. Plus flip-flops.
Good lord, those sneakers are like clown shoes!
Venus: I've got it down to seven. Unless I take the cowboy boots.
Mars: Eight pairs of shoes?! For ten days?
Venus (Sighs, then whimpers): Maybe nine with water shoes. You said I can take as much as I want.
Mars: I just want the sighing to stop. 
Venus (Sighs in a whisper): I hate packing.

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