Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday in Santa Fe

A storm was moving in last night as we dined at a place called The Palace Saloon, described by a local magazine as 'nice and a little naughty.'  It was literally too dark to take any photos, but I ordered a "Dona's Damiana margarita" that was so memorable, we went to a local liquor store and bought a bottle of the mysterious herbal liqueur with legendary aphrodisiac qualities to take home. Okay, we bought two.
The hubs was drawn to the bottle, oddly enough.
This morning, we were treated to a delicious breakfast in La Plazuela, the gorgeous restaurant here at La Fonda (more photos coming later.)
...and given the grand tour by Ed, the sales director for the hotel.  It turns out, our room (which has windows on two sides) served as the model/prototype room during the renovation.  We have the only clawfoot tub/shower (which really isn't very user-friendly) in the hotel.
Loving that raised sitting area by the window. And, I really want to steal the rug.
The hotel boasts the most impressive collection of art - we're talking millions of dollars worth- I've ever seen, and there are impeccable nooks and crannies everywhere. Gorgeous.
A cozy nook in the lobby.
After breakfast and the tour, we headed to the Loretto Chapel to see the famous floating staircase...
How does it stay up? It's a mystery.
then on to the newly opened Museum for Contemporary Native American art for more inspiring sights. 
Gorgeous beadwork

Dreamcatcher bra and racoon jockstrap. (They wouldn't let us buy them.)
I couldn't get this woman to stop pouring sand on my head.
Did I mention it's sunny, 63 degrees and 30% humidity?  I love this town.

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