Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oklahoma City looks mighty pretty

We've stayed in some plush places on this trip, but no lodging feature has been more sight-for-sore-eyes-worthy than the whirlpool tub in Hampton Inn and Suites Room 602.  I was incredibly stiff - sore, even! - from sitting all day on the journey from Santa Fe to OKC.  (This is a new development I'm attributing to age.) A twenty-minute soak (and a little scotch) loosened me up for a night on Bricktown before the four-hour drive home tomorrow.
Whirlpool for two next to the wet bar. Winning combination.
The corner room is ultra-comfortable and the view from our window makes me want to cry, "Plaaaaay ballllll!"
Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark. I could catch a good fly ball from here.
Next up, a walking tour of Bricktown then Tapwerks Ale House and Cafe and Earl's Rib Place where I will not be having tequila or anything containing chiles. Tomorrow, my own bed.  Ahhhh......


Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Loved Bricktown.
Didn't enjoy the food at Tapwerks though.
Hampton Inn is our choice when on the road.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Jackie, we did not eat at Tapwerks, opting for that crazy Cajun place across from the hotel which was only so-so, food-wise...but fun atmosphere.