Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Passamentrie, Bell Tower Bar, El Farol, La Fiesta Lounge

Watching the sunset from the Bell Tower Bar at La Fonda is a must-do on everyone's Santa Fe list. It was chilly last night, but the staff had Mexican blankets (and margaritas) and I had my new fab jacket purchased at Passamentrie, my favorite shop in Santa Fe which is - for better or worse - located downstairs in the hotel.
Even those huge Foster Grants couldn't stop me from squinting into the sun.
As sunset nears, the crowd grows and anticipation builds. Cameras come out, photographers stake out their spot. 
When the sun finally falls behind the mountain, everyone applauds then quickly dashes off to their restaurant of choice.  (For the record, I have to say that despite the Rocky Mountains looming in the distance, sunsets here can't hold a candle to sunsets in Kansas.)


mussels steamed in sherry-mustard cream with carrots and scallions
We chose El Farol on Canyon Road, the oldest restaurant and cantina in Santa Fe, famous for their tapas.
Then, it was back to the hotel where we enjoyed a nightcap in the La Fiesta Lounge with a dozen of our new best friends and listened to the Wise Guys....
...who were so good, the hubs actually danced with me ALONE on the wide open dance floor. (The nightcap didn't hurt in that regard, either.)  Here's a sample of the Guys.  We're going back to hear them tonight.

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