Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shopping Bag Fail No. 853

I posted this pic on Facebook yesterday and, based on the number of comments it received, I know I am not alone in my flakiness. I'm thinking I need to keep my reusable bags (of which I have dozens) on the shotgun seat since hanging them from the rearview mirror might create a serious blind spot. We do 'reuse' the plastic for retrieving dog poop on walks but, really, this is getting exasperating. OK, less flaky people: How do you remember?


Carol Potrykus said...

Kathy, Love your site. All of us women need to let the car companies know that they need to start putting the invisible hooks in the trunks (maybe 4 to 6 hooks). Our Subaru had two and now our Kia has none. They also need to bring back the locking glove box. Carol Potrykus

Cathy Hamilton said...

The locking glove compartment. Agreed, Carol! They should definitely bring those back. (Thanks for the kind words.)

Flowers said...

I keep a nice, cloth net-like bag in my regular tote along with cloth bags (about a buck fifty each) for produce and bulk. Easy!