Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ten Thousand Waves of Wonderful

The entrance to 10K Waves spa. 91 steps up to heaven.
 At the insistence of two trusted, in-the-know friends, we ventured up the mountain last evening to Ten Thousand Waves spa where we had booked the Waterfall Tub for an hour or so.  This you do well in advance because of its enormous popularity.  You can see why.....
Looking down from the locked door, and we had the key!
 Although it can easily hold 12 people, we booked the space for just two and took advantage of the dry sauna, hot tub (with fabulous jets) and cold plunge in this incredible Japanese setting under the pines.
I actually took this from the water. Thank God my phone lives to tell the tale.

They even had a closet for our standard-issue kimonos.
85 minutes in the tub cost $100 for both of us. The overall experience and emotional bliss well worth the cost.

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