Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Apps that make me happy

I'm an unabashed lover of apps and want to share a couple I've discovered lately.  (These may already be on your radar. I'm often the last to know.) The first was one I heard about while sitting next to a young friend at last weekend's wedding. When the bride and groom performed the first dance, no one at our table could peg the song. "Let's Shazam it," my friend said. Wham, bam, thank you Shazam....she whips out her phone and, within seconds, the app identified not only the song but the artists playing it! I downloaded it the next day.
Shazam. My favorite new app. And, it's free!
My other app of happiness, which I discovered on the last trip, is Foodspotting.  Sort of like Instagram for restaurant food, the app detects where you are, then shows you photos of favorite dishes shot by diners in the same city.  It not only helps you decide where to dine but what to order when you get there.  Sweet!  Or, savory!!
Foodspotting. Also free.
Now, if only they could invent an app that pulled certain Congressmen's heads from their rear ends....

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Leslie Stallard said...

A similar app that came with my phone is Soundhound--it listens to what's playing and tells you what it is. So many great apps which together with Google mean I don't have to use memory recall anymore haha! Bring on dementia! Well, no.

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