Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book Club 101

My first foray into Book Club World went swimmingly last night. The club is new, formed on Facebook by another newly-retired acquaintance, and filled with a dozen interesting and hilarious women of all ages. Happily, we all have about the same perspective on how "serious" our club should be (i.e. allow plenty of time for wine and chatter, no books on politics or religion.) The best part is, I don't know any of the women that well....11 new friends! Our first book selection was "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn...
This is what the $25 hard cover looks like. I bought the Kindle version for five bucks.

which, in everyone's opinion, was compelling and well-crafted, but neither uplifting or emotionally satisfying. "Morally bankrupt." "Very few - if any - sympathetic characters." "A guilty pleasure." Parallels to "Breaking Bad" were drawn. Oh, yeah. It's dark, dark, dark, people! But, do we recommend? Yes. Yes, we do.
   I've always wanted to be in a book club, but never felt I had the time when I was working. Reading a book was a luxury saved for long, snowy weekends and summer vacations. I could never read before bed. I was always so exhausted, it would either put me to sleep immediately or, in the case of an intense page-turner, keep me awake far too long into the night. 
  I have a lot of catching up to do. Retirement is good for that.