Saturday, October 26, 2013

Efudex, Round Two

I know it's disgusting, but I'm posting this photo as a public service for anyone who STILL thinks it's okay to lie in the sun or, God forbid, a tanning bed. I'm about two weeks into my second go 'round with topical chemo (cream applied twice daily) for a rash of pre-cancer spots on my chest. It's not pretty but, fortunately, it's turtleneck season....and it beats dealing with real cancer later on. 


Anonymous said...

I am just now healing from my first round and it is almost unbearable. I start my next round in November. I am truly hoping it is not as bad as the first. Yours looks just as bad as mine did the first time so maybe I am getting hopes too high. I just hopes this does the work it is supposed to do. I just had melanoma surgery done on my the back of right shoulder last Friday.

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